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Are you familiar with the films ?Deep Throat? or ?The Blair Witch Project?? These titles are several decades old but can still be found in some movies download sites or film review portals. The two movie productions are significant because they stand out among the low-budget films that became very successful. For instance, Blair Witch was made with a production cost of $22,000, and a final budget of between $500,000 and $750,000. Its worldwide revenues eventually came to an unimaginable $248 million. This whopping box office take brought the movie into the American film making books, etching its title as the one with the highest ratio of revenue to production cost. Because of its success, Blair Witch has been the subject of books, including comics story illustrations. Three video games were developed along its plot and a move sequel was made, although it was not as successful as the first.

The internet, host to movies download sites and other film-related web resources, helped tremendously in the success of Blair Witch. It is now regarded as the first widely released movie that primarily relied on the internet for its marketing. To a certain extent, this marketing tack can be akin to word-of-mouth advertising. The online reviews that this film received were very extensive upon its release and promotion in the internet. In the website Rotten Tomatoes alone, the movie got 127 reviews, out of which 85 percent lauded the movie. Another website,, listed the ending of Blair Witch as the 50th best ever.

Many film producers, in recent years, have been trying to duplicate the success of The Blair Witch Project through internet promotions that may include such resources as movies download sites. These film makers have come to realize that internet technology has dramatically altered the enjoyment of films. Gone are the days when movies can only be enjoyed in cinemas or movie theaters. With the computer and the internet, it now became more convenient to watch and enjoy movies at home or practically anywhere through portable media players. New recording and playback technologies have vastly extended the arena by which movie makers can compete and capture the imagination of a greatly expanded audience. This trend appears totally irreversible as statistics show that now only about 26 percent of Hollywood sales come from box office sales. The rest are accounted for by VHS and DVD sales, as well as by television broadcasting. The next major shift is likely to be in movies download sites as sales outlets.

Internet portals have indeed become a sunshine sales venue for films like Blair Witch, and for sure there are some rare movie gems out there waiting to be discovered. The file sharing system in some online movie access, like Net Free Movie, is so extensive that it won`t be difficult to find another bestseller in the mold of Blair Witch. In the Net Free Movie website, for example, the peer-to-peer file sharing network has the reputation of being the largest of its type in the whole world. Such a resource has been the envy of other movies download sites but the apple of the eye of many film lovers who have found the opportunity to access Net Free Movie for some outstanding film.

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