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Legal safe unlimited downloads
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The reasons are obvious and overwhelming. A legal movie download is the best way to access film productions online. Downloading digital content, such as movies, music, songs, computer games, and software from the internet constitute copyright infringement if done via unauthorized sources. For the past several years, there has been a crackdown by authorities against copyright infringement. The most celebrated case of course was that of Napster, a music file-sharing network that was closed for distributing copyrighted songs and music. A series of copyright infringement cases have also been initiated by the Recording Industry Association of America as well as by many movie production outfits. Clearly, the threat of court action for downloading illegal movies is something that cannot be taken for granted.

To be safe from prosecution, therefore, stick only to a legal movie download. The campaign against copyright infringement is on a worldwide scale. It has even reached those countries which are used as base for internet servers that distribute copyrighted items. These areas include the post-Soviet countries and Eastern Europe where copyright statutes are not as strict as those in other places, or where the law enforcers are lax in going after the violators. Nonetheless, the holders of copyrights are not discouraged by such laxity and are lobbing governments for stricter laws and their no-nonsense implementation. These efforts have delivered some results; Russia, for instance, has heeded a U.S. request to shut down for alleged copyright infringement. Also, The Chinese government has signed a memorandum of understanding with the U.S. Media Association to help in fighting the battle against illegal downloading of copyrighted materials in the internet.

To be on the safe path when seeking a legal movie download, it will also be wise to note how such material become available at online sources. With regards to movies, the materials that are uploaded can be either original DVD copies or promotional screeners. Some can even be sourced from ?pirated? copies of movies which are duplications of the originals; generation loss or depreciation in the recording quality is noticeable in these movie downloads. Even lesser in quality is a download whose uploaded file came from DVD movies pirated using portable camcorders sneaked into a movie house showing a particular title. Sometimes the viewers in that theater are captured in the recording and eventually in the download which makes the accessed file truly inferior in quality.

Going for a legal movie download is a choice that would be easy to make if one accesses a portal like Net Free Movie. This website strongly encourages its subscribers to respect copyright laws, either in uploading or downloading movies through the peer-to-peer file (P2P) sharing system that it is linked to. Through this portal, quality movie downloads are also easily available. The P2P network that this website uses is reputed to be the largest in the world. It contains not only movies for download but also TV shows, computer games, music, and songs, as well as many software programs that can help make online access legal, safe, and secure.

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