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Legal safe unlimited downloads
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The tremendous number of movies accessible online is a constant source of amazement. Many of those that are available at a given time can include the latest movie titles still screening at a local movie theater. Also, there are lots of DVD movie downloads, original copies of which are made available by movie production companies through authorized retailers or marketing organizations. The digital technology which made possible the distribution of movie production in DVD format has been a resounding success. One survey showed that Hollywood film productions derive 46 percent of their sales revenues from VHS and DVD sales of their movie releases. By way of comparison, box office ticket sales contribute about 26 percent, while television (broadcast, pay-per-view, and cable) bring in 28 percent.

This proliferation of movies in DVD format has contributed immensely to the explosion of online movie access. Theoretically, DVD movie downloads will not possible even as such digital content are the same materials that can easily be uploaded and downloaded via the internet. In simple terms, DVD movies cannot be copied or duplicated easily. There are four complementary systems which have been designed to establish restrictions in the use of movies in DVD format. One of these is called UOPs for disabled user operations. Another is termed as CSS which stands for content scramble system; yet other ways to restrict DVD usage are the Macrovision and region codes. Several digital applications have also been developed to foil DVD copying via some ripping software. Of these four methods, CSS encryption is the most common technique used to discourage the copying of a disc containing a DVD movie. Essentially, what the encryption does is restrict the playback system that can run the digital material of which there are several kinds, such as MPlayer, PowerDVD, VLD, and WinDVD. Without such software applications, a downloaded movie will not be played in one`s computer.

But despite such restrictions, DVD movie downloads remain hugely available from online sources. The reason for this is that some decoder applications have also been developed to crack whatever restrictions have been imbedded in the DVD movies. The whole security system against copying, in other words, has been unscrambled, making it possible to play downloaded DVD movies through some media players also available for access in the internet. The end-result is that copies of original DVDs for home use can be decoded and uploaded to some file sharing systems for access in the internet. Legal as well as ethical and moral issues are of course vital considerations when downloading these digital materials from websites. Copyright infringement is a contentious issue which has continued to bedevil online movie downloads.

The best course of action when considering DVD movie downloads is to avail of the services of websites like Net Free Movies. Outright, this movie download portal warns its member-users to respect copyright and be aware of the possible legal consequences that could go into the illegal upload and download of copyrighted data. At the same time, this site provides the necessary software applications to protect the integrity of each movie download.

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