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Legal safe unlimited downloads
Where to Download Movies Legally

Oftentimes people are hard put in looking for websites from where to download movies legally. Logically, the best sources of legal movie downloads are the film studios or their authorized agents. However, these legal movie download sources can be very few indeed if statistics are to be believed. A study by the research firm ABN AMRO in the year 2000 showed that some 46 percent of the worldwide income of Hollywood movie studios comes from VHS and DVD sales, about 26 percent from ticket sales at the box office, and 28 percent generated from TV (pay-per-view, cable and broadcast). This so because in terms of distribution. From the many websites now offering movie downloads, these portals are usually those officially designated by movie studios to distribute movies in CD, VHS or DVD recordings. Hence, it can be safely assumed that a great of the websites which offer movie downloading are illegal and accessing them can cause some legal as well as ethical issues.

Movie studios and other holders of intellectual property rights have scored some successes in going after illegal outlets of copyrighted materials. The landmark case which involves copyright infringement online was that on Napster which was shut down sometime during the early 2000s for allegedly distributing music and songs illegally through its file sharing system. Since then, owners of intellectual property rights have become very vigilant against those who distribute illegal copies of movies, songs and music, in particular. At the same time, they are also moving their campaign to the individuals who download copyrighted materials online. Many cases have already filed in court against some persons who downloaded materials from illegal sources, making it an imperative to look for sources from where to download movies legally.

With these developments, it would be really prudent to download movies legally. Legal implications are just too serious matters to take some risk on just for the sake of accessing some entertainment media files. Nonetheless, this risk can be avoided with the right choice of websites from which to download movies legally. Typically, the websites which offer movie downloads are file-sharing systems linked through a peer-to-peer network. Certainly, there are many of these sites wherein the downloads can be highly suspected as copyright infringement. Taking care to choose the right portal for online movie case could save one trouble with authorities who are charged with enforcing the copyright laws of a country. The legal costs which will for sure be incurred in case of a charge of copyright infringement can be avoided if one sticks only to the internet portals that ensure legal movie downloads.

If you want a website which provides the necessary resources ensuring that movie downloads are legal, as well as ethical, visit Net Free Movies. This facility also operates via a worldwide network of share filing system and provides some pointers to ensure that all the downloading done are legal. Those who use this portal are also provided with software tools which will help them download movies safely and efficiently, areas that can be as important as having legal movie downloads.

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