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Legal safe unlimited downloads
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Copies of DVD movies can be had dirt-cheap these days because of rampant film piracy which in a manner of speaking is a clandestine business to entice consumers to buy movie downloads at rock-bottom prices. Most likely, even such recent box office hits as ?Avatar? may now be available in many places as bootleg copies which can be acquired for a song. It seems that despite worldwide campaigns to combat copyright infringement on such media property as music and movies, film piracy continues unabated. There are just too many ways by which copies of audio and video materials, copyrighted or not, can be copied, mass-produced, and sold to the general public ever tempted to avail of bargains in entertainment commodities such as DVD copies of films, songs and music.

One way by which consumers are in effect lured to buy movie downloads is through the access of whatever film production is available for access in the internet. Now, there are of course, other ways of having a copy of a movie to duplicate or pirate. One is to sneak a video camera in a movie house showing a particular film and record the entire production. The quality may be poor but the resulting product may be good enough for less discriminating consumers. Better quality duplicates can be produced, nonetheless, from production or demo tapes which movie studios distribute to help in marketing their productions. These are, however, very limited in number and may constitute only a small conduit for movie pirates. A more potent source would be the many internet portals which provide access to a wide variety of movies, ranging from the old classics to recent films. With the current advanced technologies, copies of popular entertainment media productions can easily be uploaded and downloaded online. The downloaded copies can then be burned into CDs or DVDs for sale, using perhaps some sophisticated machines for mass duplication of copies.

There are some legal, ethical, and moral issues, however, behind this business of attracting, for all intents and purposes, people to buy movie downloads. Copyright laws are common in most countries, although their enforcement and scope may vary from place to place. Nonetheless, there is a groundswell of opposition that has risen with regards to copyright infringement. Government authorities are now becoming stricter in their implementation of laws protecting copyright and intellectual property. Furthermore, treaties and agreements are being forged by many countries to jointly undertake campaigns against film piracy. Fines and even jail sentences are often imposed on offenders, as well as the confiscation and destruction of the pirated films or other entertainment items in CDs or DVDs.

To avoid such legal issues or inconveniences, the safer alternative would be to directly access website to buy movie downloads. One ideal pay site for access of online media productions, including not only movies but also songs and TV shows, is Net Free Movie. This site has a policy extending due respect to copyrighted items distributed in the internet, thus helping ensure the integrity of the movie download.

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